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The Specialist Professional Studies of Sport, with educational content within the envisaged modules, aim at achieving competences of the specialist coach in the chosen narrow field which are harmonized with modern trends of similar programs worldwide. In the process of acquiring competences, adequate methods of organization of teaching and the process of studying in the field of sport and physical education.

The goals of the study program derive from the valid documents: The Strategy of the Development of Sport and the Sport Law, as well as other normative – legislative acts brought in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the need to educate staff with expanded and improved knowledge, skills and proficiency in narrower fields of sport than in the first level of studies. The aim of the study program is to provide specialized professional staff in the field of sport and in compliance with the demands of the National framework of qualifications.

The goal of the study program is to provide, through the core curriculum courses educational framework in accordance with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character of the profession. This is the way students can expand general culture and specific knowledge necessary for their profession. In that sense, the program has the following aims:

  • Mastering knowledge from the field of bio-medical sciences, such as energy in sport and ergometry in sport, recreation and special education;
  • Mastering knowledge from the field of social and humanistic sciences that include integration and communication in sport, recreation and special education and;
  • Mastering knowledge from the field of entrepreneurship in sport.

Educational goals of the Specialist Professional Studies are achieved in one of the four narrow specialist fields - modules: M1 – Children's sport; M2 – Sport with the chosen sports branch, M3 – Wellness and fitness and M4 – Special physical education. Goals of the study program are expanding and deepening knowledge, proficiency and skills compared to the first level of education:

  • Mastering specific, applicative knowledge and practical skills necessary for the work in the chosen narrow field of specialization;
  • Mastering knowledge from the theory and methodology of the work process organization and teaching methods of skills;
  • Mastering independent application of knowledge of planning, programming, safety measures application, activity analysis and making conclusions as fundamental elements of working process study;
  • Making students capable of creative work, work in new, unknown conditions and the team work;
  • Making students capable of following new achievements in information technologies;
  • Making students capable of improvement and self education in the process of professional competences improvement;
  • Making students capable of active relationship towards problems in profession and participation in their solving in narrower and wider community;
  • Making students capable for integrated application of the acquired knowledge in practice. In that sense, one of important goals is encouragement of development of creative and innovative skills, critical thinking, as well as students' initiative.

The aims of the program are harmonized with competences acquired during the first level studies. They are also in concordance with the defined aims and objectives of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and contribute to their realization.


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