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The purpose of the Specialist Professional Studies of Sport is to educate students in four narrow professional fields – modules that cover fields of interest for a community in sport, recreation and special physical education.

Upon completion of the study program, a student has the title of a Specialist Coach in the chosen field of specialist studies – modules:

  • Specialist coach of children's sport;
  • Specialist coach of sport – chosen sports branch;
  • Specialist coach of wellness and fitness;
  • Specialist coach of special physical education.

Each of the modules has a special purpose and role, and each implies expansion and widening of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge and skills acquired during previous education. This study program envisages professional specialization in work with children and younger categories of athletes, with athletes and elite athletes in sport in general with simultaneous direction towards the chosen sports branch, with recreational groups focused on wellness and fitness and in work with special groups trained for application of knowledge and skills in Special physical education.

The study program provides acquiring competences that are socially verified in the Strategy of the development of sport in the Republic of Serbia in the period from 2014 to 2018 and the Action plan for implementation of the Strategy of development of sport in the period from 2014 to 2018, with the accent on the work with children, elite sports and recreation of citizens, all in accordance with the millennium goals of the United Nations. The study program is in compliance with the Law on Sport, with its part dealing with the staff, as well as the Rulebook on Nomenclature of Sports Professions and Titles, that more closely determines needs for specialist staff in sport. In concordance with modern tendencies, students acquire knowledge in communication as well as entrepreneurship in sport. Previously completed first level studies enable enrichment of the acquired knowledge in planning, organization, implementation and monitoring of the program (analytics and diagnostics) in accordance with aims of specialization of a module and in accordance with general and course specific competences provided by the curriculum.

The purpose of the study program is fully in line with fundamental tasks and aims of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. Educational contents studied within the study program are harmonized with the general mission and goals of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in creating modern, educated, competent and independent professionals – specialists, in accordance with the needs of the community.

As the outcome of the educational process, the task of the study program is to provide a specialist coach who is ready for various interactions and communication, for entrepreneur actions, as well as to master specific problems of organization and implementation of program in certain narrow fields envisaged by one of four modules. The professional practice and the final paper are prescribed within modules, where the special attention was paid to studying and problem-solving that represent the connection with the future practice of a specialist coach.


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