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The study program of the Specialist Professional Studies of Sport at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education aims at formation of a modern, competent and independent specialist coach, capable to successfully apply all relevant knowledge, training and skills gained at one of the following elective modules:

  • Children's sport;
  • Sport;
  • Wellness and fitness and
  • Special physical education.

The aims of the study program are expansion and enrichment of knowledge, training and skills acquired at the first level of studies, in specific conditions and with characteristic groups. This implies acquisition of skills for making long-term and short-term plans and programs, as well as managing processes in their realization. The core curriculum has a significant influence on the quality of knowledge and skills of a specialist coach. The outcomes of modules provide various competences of the specialist coach and are described in the diploma supplement.

Although students who complete different specialist elective modules have the same professional title in accordance with the List of professional, academic and scientific ranks, they are trained to successfully apply relevant technologies and educational methods, as well as the latest achievements in various specialties from the field of sport and special physical education. Upon completion of this study program, students acquire professional title of a Specialist coach (in the chosen module) in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the List of professional, academic and scientific ranks.

The admission requirements for the Specialist Professional Studies are prescribed by the Law on Higher Education, Statute of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and special eligibility criteria. All persons who completed at least Basic professional studies can apply for admission.

The Specialist Professional Studies consist of the core curriculum courses and four modules of which each consists of obligatory and elective courses, professional practice and the final paper. Contents and a detailed description of all courses, professional practice and the final paper are provided in the Program specification of the Specialist Professional Studies.

Theoretical and practical classes are held in the Faculty facilities; but a part of teaching activities (practical exercises and professional practice) is also held in sports clubs, schools of sport, educational institutions, schools, as well as in other institutions the Faculty cooperates with.This study program particularly focuses on education and training of students for independent practical work with different groups of future users. During the second semester professional practice is organized with members of schools of sports, representative selections, amateur athletes and special groups of users of special physical education.

The length of this study program is one year (two semesters) with a total workload of 60 ECTS credits. Each course of the study program is expressed by the number of ECTS credits, and the scope of study is expressed by the sum of ECTS credits. The sum of 60 ECTS credits corresponds to the average total workload of a student during a 40-hour workweek of an academic year, with 20 classes of active teaching a week and 15 work weeks in a semester. A student can accumulate 28 ECTS credits in the first semester and 32 ECTS credits in the second semester. Out of the total number of ECTS credits, the core curriculum courses are allocated 23 ECTS credits, while courses of certain module are allocated 37 ECTS credits. 13 ECTS credits are allocated for the final paper.

Prerequisites for registering for some modules are, at least, completed Basic professional studies and the defined admission requirements.

A student of another faculty or a college of vocational studies is entitled to register to the study program of the Specialist Professional Studies under the conditions prescribed by applicable law, Statute and the Faculty Rulebook on the content, measures and organization of the Basic Professional Studies and the announced admission requirements.


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