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arrow About the project 


Preparation of infrastructure for the introduction of Eduroam® service, at University of Belgrade Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, began in June 2016th, in cooperation with the Academic Network of the Republic of Serbia and Computer Center at University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering. For this purpose, 6 new, high quality and standards, wireless access points, were installed in the main faculty building, as requirements for eligibility to access this service. This ensured that the main faculty building is fully covered by Eduroam® signal, with the idea that future coverage should expand on other faculty facilities, as well as the faculties' open plateaus.

During 2017th various tests were conducted to ensure the best signal quality, bandwidth and end user ease of access.

Officially, Eduroam® usage started, for our students and staff, on March 2018th.

arrow What is Eduroam® ? 


Eduroam® („education roaming“) is free academic Internet access service. To its' users it provides free, fast and simple Internet access around the world, without the need to register additional accounts. Only by using already registered username and password given by their institution.

This service was created within the European TERENA initiative, and achieved through international GÉANT project which involves European academic and science research networks. Eduroam service in the Republic of Serbia is provided by the Academic Network of the Republic of Serbia (AMRES). Additional information is available at AMRES website.

All active students and staff, at University of Belgrade Faculty of Sports and Physical education, can use Eduroam® service at their institution as well as anywhere in the world, where the Eduroam® signal is provided. Apart from the Republic of Serbia Eduroam® signal is available at numerous academic and scientific research institutions, in 67 countries. Eduroam® signal coverage map is available on: next link.

arrow Rulebook - AMRES 


The Rulebook on the use of the Academic Network of Serbia (AUP – Acceptable Usage Policy) regulates what is considered illegal and what is allowed by the use of AMRES resources, as well as other issues that contribute to their proper use.

Applying the Rules is mandatory for all AMRES users (organizations and individuals), as well as for other users on the Internet who are connecting with the Academic Network of Serbia, and for Eduroam users.

pdf AUP - Rulebook on the use of the Academic Network of Serbia - AMRES (117kB, 01.03.2018.)

Also, please read the: pdf Rules of the AMRES eduroam service (305kB, 01.03.2018.)

The consequences of non-compliance with these policies reflect to the user himself.

arrow End user settings - How to connect ? 


Thanks to the top level encryption standards (WPA2/AES and WPA2/TKIP), users are guaranteed a high level personal data privacy protection.

Eduroam® Internet access is very simple. A onetime setup is all that is needed. Users setup their device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop ...) and access is granted at any location providing the Eduroam® signal, without the need for additional setups and access permissions.

To access Eduroam® service on their devices, users need to install the application that matches the device they will be using. To make it simpler for users to search for and install the appropriate application, we created, using Eduroam® CAT-a („Configuration Assistant Tool“), installers for "MS Windows 10,8,7,Vista", "Mac OS X", "Linux", mobile devices with "iOS", android 4.3 or newer, and "Chrome OS".

Installers are available at this website Users need to click on "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer" button, than search for their institution (Faculty of Sport and physical education, University of Belgrade), and then they will get the list of available installers. Once the installer is downloaded to users' device, it needs to be run and, during the self-explained process, user needs to enter the right username and password.

Username is given it the following format:

  • For students:: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (where YYYY represent the students' school enrollment year, and NNNN represent the digits of students school ID. Entire 8 digits represent students' personal file number, i.e. the username for accessing already used eStudent application),
  • For staff members: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (same username for using eZaposleni application.

For both type of users, password is the same as the one they already use for accessing their eStudent or eZaposleni application.

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