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About the Faculty

The facilities of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Košutnjak include the main building, gyms, dormitory and a restaurant. The main Faculty building, purposefully constructed from 1962 to 1968, meets the requirements in relation to theoretical instruction, both for lectures and theoretical exercises.

  • Two large lecture halls with 120 seats each are equipped with the appropriate audio-visual equipment (overhead projector, sound system and video projector), and there are two small lecture halls with 100 seats each. There are two classrooms, each with place for 36 students, an IT classroom and a specialized classroom for a group of medical subjects (Medical-biological unit and the Psychological unit) within the Didactic and research laboratory (MIL).

A celebration hall, also equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, is often used for smaller groups of students and for defending diploma papers. The dean's office hall, arranged for meetings is also used for defending diploma papers. The Reading Room, located within the library, equipped with networked computers and connected to the Internet can accommodate up to 30 students. It can also be used for teaching.

The open football pitch with grass surface, the track and field for athletics and surfaces that can be used as handball, volleyball and basketball courts are located on the Faculty area. There are four open clay tennis courts, two of which are covered during winter and transformed into balloon sports hall.

The immediate vicinity of Košutnjak park forest provides more free spaces used for practical training (jogging trails, meadows for exercise, etc.).